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Welcome to the wonderful world of ice skating!
Competitions can be a wonderful learning experience if approached with the right mind set.  Click to read my thoughts!
Ever wondered how often to go skating and how much time you should spend practicing?  Click to read my recommendations!
Proper care of your ice skates will help them stay in good condition.  Click to learn all about taking care of your most valuable equipment!
I’ve been coaching skaters in the amazing sport of ice skating since 1997.  I have a tremendous amount of experience and a great love of  ice skating that I’m thrilled to share with my students.  Once you have laced up your skates and experienced the thrill of gliding across a glittering sheet of ice, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to give it a try!  Get ready to start reaching your skating goals and call me today to book a lesson.  See you on the ice!


Professional Skaters Association Triple Rated

Free Skating (CFS)

Moves in the Field (RM)

Group (RG)

Ranking Level:  II


Ice Skating Institute Gold Judge


Los Angeles Figure Skating Club Member

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