Take Good
Care of Your
Ice Skates!

Ice Skate Care Tips


When you go ice skating, your leather boots and metal blades get wet.  And...the insides of your boots get sweaty!


All of this moisture must be allowed to dry.  Otherwise the soles of the boots may get black rot, which will eventually make the screws fall out.  Also, the insides of the boots will break down faster than normal.  You might even find that your blades are rusting.


Good news...this is preventable if you take proper care of your skates:

1.  Keep a cotton cloth in your skate bag and use it to carefully wipe dry your boots and blades after you skate.

2.  Never store your skates with the hard guards on the blades.  This can cause your blades to rust.

3.  Never store your skates in a car.  The inside of a car gets hot and this can increase the chances that your boots will rot.  It can also cause your heat-molded boots to unmold.

4.  When you get home, open up your skate bag and remove your skates.  Let them dry.  Once the the skates are dry, you may put on the soft blade covers (make sure they are dry!) and store your skates inside your skate bag --  in your house, not in your car!

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